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Welcome to EVA web hosting

Here at EVA hosting we manage everything for you so you don't have to. We understand that not everyone has the time to learn how to set up emails, perform website updates and alike. That's what makes us different, we offer free local support to all of our clients and can even call in on you to go through your requirements. We operate on UK Litespeed servers this makes your website ultra fast for UK and European residents. All accounts have there own cPanel and lots of great 1 click installs for popular software such as Wordpress.

Why choose EVA web hosting?

 Unlimited Space
You have no set limit on the space of your hosting account which means you can host both small and large websites.

 Unlimited Bandwidth
We don't impose any silly fees for going over your bandwidth limit. Why? Because there is no limit!

 1 to 1 Support
As we are a local web hosting company right here in the UK, Chester we offer real support, in person, on the phone via email and live chat!

 Free Website Updates
That's correct, we will update your website for you! No need to pay ridiculous fees every time you want to change an image or text.

 UK Servers Receive 99.99% Uptime
Not only do we run Litespeed servers, but they are also located in the United Kingdom which boosts your website speed if you live in the UK or Europe.

 Free Web Site Transfer
We will transfer your website from your current host to us completely free of charge. This means no hassle for you.

 Leading Web Hosting Chester UK
We are the leading web hosting provider in Chester, UK. We offer true support and meet all of our clients requirements.

 Had enough of scrolling down?
So are we, but we had to list all of the great features our unlimited web hosting package entails!

What our customers say...

We have been with EVA for sometime now after seeing an advert in the Chester Standard. EVA transferred our existing website for free and the whole process was smooth and quick. We shall be here for many years to come and with the unlimited hosting and free monthly updates to our website you cant go wrong.

Ross, ST Productions

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